Frequently Asked Quesions

Q. Do manufactured modular homes have the same re-sale value as conventionally built homes?

A. Yes, manufactured modular will appreciate the same way that a conventional home will.

Q. How long does it take the factory to build a manufactured modular home?

A. Manufactured modular homes are built in a controlled environment indoors, they are unaffected by climate weather and interruptions due to tradesmen unavailability. Your home can be ready in a 4-8 Week time frame.

Q. Are the homes built to Canadian standards?

A. Yes, all our homes are CSA-277 Approved making it less complicated to obtain permits as well.

Q. Can I have my house put on a basement?

A. Yes, all of our models can be ordered to suit a basement.

Q. Once my home arrives how long does it take to install?

A. It takes our crew of five men approx. 4-5 days to install.

Q. Can New frontier homes look after my whole job?

A. Yes, we can do everything for the customer from lot clearing to pads and basements. We are even licensed to install septic systems.

Q. Can I have Hardwood or Ceramic tile?

A. Yes, we have hardwood available, Hardwood and Ceramics cannot be factory built but we can certainly arrange to have it installed after your home is on site.

Q. Can New Frontier Homes & Cottages take care of additions to my modular home?

A. Although we can give you recommendations to reputable specialists, we cannot do the additions to homes ourselves, but we do take care of the full home installation.